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Zombieville is an action thriller game, in which you are the defender of humanity against a massive infestation of – you guessed it, zombies! Encounter zombies, zombies and more zombies, in all shapes and sizes and blast them away! At your disposal are over 30 different weapons and characters, a hard core gaming experience and non stop action! One thing is for certain, in Zombieville you are guaranteed to have a blast!

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The story begins when a city is overrun by blood hungry zombies, but don’t fret – a special anti zombie squad is ready to take them on, and guess who the leader is? You get to choose your hero from a team of 18 special well trained professionals, but choose well because every hero has different attributes!

You can carry up to 6 different weapons in your backpack, so be sure to pick the best ones as there are too many of them! Just kidding, no such thing as too many weapons, at least not in a zombie infestation, savvy?

When each round begins, you are dropped by an helicopter to a city to rid it out of it’s zombies. When zombies, they might leave coins or other goodies near their corpse, so stay alerted! Are you all talk, or have you got some game in you?

ZombieVille Features:

  • Non Stop Action!
  • Many Weapons To Choose From!
  • Different Hero Characters!

  • Hard Core Explosions!
  • Splattered Zombie Brains!
  • Addictive Game Play Experience!

  • Face Different Kinds Of Zombies!
  • Over 50 Cool Levels!
  • Challenging And Demanding!

  • Be The Savior Of Humanity!
  • Awesome Graphics!
  • Groovy Soundtrack!