Zombieville Game

Zombieville is an intense action packed game with two strong ingredients: blood and zombies – a true┬árecipe for a good game! Designed by MikaMobile, the game gained such high popularity amongst iPhone users that a demand for a sequel has been made and now, finally answered – ZombievilleUSA 2!

Zombieville Game

In Zombieville you can play as a well trained special forces soldier, a Doctor with a “Zombology” degree (or so he claims), a Swift Ninja, a Foreman who special in construction and destruction, a Chef who can sure make a fine salad out of bloody zombies limbs, an escaped convict, a tough grandma or as the average Joe – a survivor from a city ravaged by zombies. Each character has unique properties, so do a bit of research before you choose!

Some characters have to be unlocked, and some others have to be bought. In Zombeville game, you buy weapons with cash obtained by mainly blowing zombies to pieces. Each zombie kill grants you a hefty some of money, and when you kill bad ass zombies or tough zombie bosses you are awarded with extra cash, sweet. There are tons of cool weapons to choose from, but you’ll have to really be picky here, because you can only carry up to 3 different weapons.

Blood and Gore like Never Before on iPhone!

There are two objectives in Zombieville Game – shoot zombies and stay alive, sure, nothing too fancy but hey it works! Among the weapons you can choose from are a rocket launcher, a flamethrower, a deadly long knife, a plasma gun, landmines, a heavy revolver and other cool stuff. You can also upgrade 3 different skills to boost your character’s performance, such as extra ammo and faster walking speed which is always useful when a bunch of blood thirsty zombies are chasing you.

Another addition to ZombievilleUSA 2, is the Co-op mode in which you get to play with your friend online via GameCenter of Bluetooth. This generates a fun experience and is a great way to enjoy playing on your iPhone on your spare time. There’s nothing like a good session of Zombie slaying with your best buddy, and splattered zombie parts is always nice to look at if you’re a guy, (No offense ladies).

Overall, Zombieville is a game of survival, ammo management, and dexterity where you have to shoot well to get high scores and go further in levels. Zombieville has cool graphics, awesome game play experience, great sound track and sweet design. Be careful though, whatever you do – don’t get your brained chewed by zombies!