ZombieVille USA 2

The much awaited sequel of the popular game ZombieVille USA is now available. Mika Mobile, Inc., the developer of the original app has released ZombieVille USA 2. There’s more to the second installment that you will love. Even if you have not played the previous version before, you will still find the new version enjoyable.

The basic gameplay is generally the same for the original and second installment. There are just some minor changes though the latter offers more features. It has more characters, weapons and skills to choose from. Choose your character and three skills, as well as three weapons to use on each mission. More characters, skills and weapons will be unlocked as you go further in the game.

Say Hello to the Sequel

The game is divided into different missions. There are 10 all in all and the enemies get tougher to kill on the latter part. So you need to earn more money in order to purchase more powerful weapons and upgrade them. Your goal is to kill as many zombies as you can and go as far as you can until the time runs out. You are given a limited time on each mission, which you will see on the top of the screen. On the left of the time is your health meter and number of ammo available. On the right side is your money.

You can move your characters anywhere on the screen by using the control on the lower left. ZombieVille USA I only allowed scrolling left and right. The three buttons on the right are for your weapons. Tap the weapon that you wish to use. Your health will decrease if a zombie bites you. There is an available medical pack from the weapons, which you can add on your set of weapons. It’s up to you which weapon combinations to use. You can also find ammo and money in the game. They can be dropped by the zombies or you may shoot or hit various items along the way such as mailbox and garbage cans as they may contain money or ammo. The game ends if you run out of health. But if you are still alive when the time runs out, you will be saved by a helicopter and the mission is complete.

There is a certain number of zombies on each mission that you need to kill before the other missions can be unlocked. You can play this by yourself or you can have a friend or a random player join you in the game as it is supported by Gamecenter. You may also play with another person via Bluetooth.


The game has full support to Gamecenter, which provides the achievements. There are various achievements to complete in the game, which makes it even more exciting. Aside from the challenge of finishing all these achievements, you can collect a total of 425 points from these. Here is a list of all the achievements and how to complete them.

  • Zombie Novice – kill 100 zombies
  • Zombie Veteran – take down 1, 000 zombies
  • Zombie Master – kill 10, 000 zombies
  • Stop, drop and roll – kill 1,000 zombies using the flamethrower weapon
  • Get a mop – take down 5 zombies using one rocket
  • It’s Science – use tesla rifle to eliminate 1,000 zombies
  • Mad skills – upgrade a skill to its maximum level
  • Tinkerer – upgrade a weapon to its maximum level
  • Survivor – continuously kill 30 zombies while your health is under 20%
  • Brawler – use melee weapons to kill 1,000 zombies
  • One shot, 4 kills – kill 4 or more zombies using one sniper round
  • Pacifist – complete a mission without killing a single zombie