Zombieville USA Cheats

Hello dear Zombieville Fans and welcome to our Zombieville USA cheats page! In this page, you will find various Cheats, hints and tips that will help you perform better at Zombieville, or in other words – kick some serious zombie’s butt! To find out how to unlock Zombieville characters and weapons, use the following instructions or cheat codes. Please note that some of the Zombieville Cheats require you to access you route directory.

Tutorial guide on how to activate Zombieville USA Cheats:

Tutorial guide on how to activate  ZombievilleUSA 2 Cheats:

Step by step zombie cheat codes instructions:

  1. Start Zombieville USA
  2. Pick your character, level and weapons
  3. Finish the very first level, and get to the shop at the end.
  4. Leave the game
  5. Start the application manager
  6. In the manager, locate Zombieville USA and press “force stop”
  7. Run the file explorer of your choice (usually root explorer works best)
  8. In the file explorer, navigate to data/MikaMobile.Zombieville/shared_prefs directory
  9. Open the .xml file you find there using the text editor you have
  10. Jackpot – edit and change anything you want in the game!
  11. Keep in mind that you cannot have more than 3 tiers of weapons, more than 999 ammunition or more than 9999 cash, so don’t change these values into higher numbers!
  12. Done editing? Save the file and exit the file explorer…
  13. Open up Zombieville and start kicking zombie’s ass!

***A word of caution***
We are talking about a temp file here, therefore you must force stop zombieville game prior to editing it, or otherwise these cheats won’t work, or even worse, you can cause issues or bugs to the app itself so make sure you force stop it before. Also, be sure to never exceed the values when editing the various weapons, health or ammunition as if you do the game will simply fail to load. In the prefs directory you can find “vehicleSpawnChance”, and set it to higher chance, resulting in an improved possibility for a vehicle truck or a helicopter to appear that can aid help you squashing some zombies!

Keep in mind that Zombieville is fun the most without using any cheats. We encourage you to play it straight up, but if you really insist… Who are we to say no? One thing is for certain – Zombies don’t look so scary now, don’t they?